Tol Plaatwerk has an advanced and modern set of machinery with endless possibilities in sheet metal working. Do you have a question about our possibilities? Please contact us.


We use HiCAD as our 3D modelling tool, which is one of the most progressive software packages in the sheet metal industry. If you, as a customer, would like to produce your 3D model, you can send it  to us ( in a universal 3D file format (.STEP). We can convert this to a producible product.


Tol Plaatwerk uses a large sophisticated laser and punching machine (Trumpf Trumatic 6000L). We can cut, punch and engrave sheets up to a 3000x150 mm format. Special dies could be used to produce ventilation slots or sinks.


To provide a good adhesion of a coating or rounding of scharp edges we use a Costa deburring machine.

Self-clinching fasteners

With our PEMserter 2000, we provide possibilities for self-clinching studs, nuts or pins. Check our supplier Onkenhout to see the possibilities.

Press brakes

Three press brakes are available, the newest among them is the Safan Darley E-Brake 150-200T. An efficient electrical press brake that can bend products up to 4 meters in width. Tol owns a large collection of bend dies, tools and radii. Special requests? Please contact Johan Tol to inquire about our possibilities.


We can roll to a minimum inner radius of approximately 60mm with a maximum width of 2 meters.


Tol plaatwerk has very experienced personnel that is capable of MIG/MAG, TIG and spot welding of aluminum, stainless steel and steel but also brazing of copper sheet metal. We also own tooling for stud welding.

Surface treatments

As a pre- or after treatment of a product, it can be grinded, sanded or polished (directional or directionless). Stainless steel products can be pickled, we have our own pickling bath. Stainless steel products are generally degreased first, then pickled by complete immersion and then pressure washed. The goals is to remove oxides and cleaning the weld seams. Then the products are passivated to restore the surface conditions, which gives it a high resistance against corrosion.


To shorten or mitre profiles or rod materials, we own two band saws that can be operated automatically, semi-automatically or manually. We have a large and diverse stock of profiles, pipes, tubes and rods.

Powder coating

Our subsidiary Vol-Opp B.V. is in charge of powder coating and surface treatments of sheet metal products. We use electrostatic powder coating, which provides an excellent adhesion, hardness and outdoor resistance. Would you like to powder coat your product? We are able to powder coat products with a maximum length up to 5 meters and 300 kg per part. The layer thickness with a normal treatment for indoor usage is 50 micron. If you prefer to have a thicker coating, no dripping will occur. As a pre-treatment Vol-Opp. B.V. uses a chemical spray tunnel. The product is high pressure sprayed with a large amount of liquid in a closed cabin, which reaches all parts of the component, cleans thoroughly and provides an adhesive layer for the coating. Contact Franklin Tol for more information.


Are you looking for a service we can not provide in-house? No problem - we provide the service we're good at and for other processing techniques we have our trustworthy partners.