• Side-view T-ergo SLE - the split-level desk with electrically height adjustable displays.


The T-ergo SL is a split-level desk - if a process has to be monitored behind the desk, the displays can be lowered below the line of sight. By default this desk complies with all dutch human factor standards and is equipped with an advanced set of options. Any additional add-on can be added to the desk upon request.

This desk is available in 3 sizes and in a rectangular or circular shape, each of which includes an electric height adjustment by default. If desired, the displays can also be electrically adjustable in height. This desk can facilitate displays up to 55". The actuators are equipped with a piezo safety sensors by default to prevent pinching.



Section View

A - Cable tray
B - Hatch
C - Chain
D - Cable tray with control units
E - Mounting plate